Navigating the Global AI Landscape: Discoveries from SXSW and China

30 Nov 2023, 5:00 pm – 5:55 pm CET

55 min of Reinvention

Join us for an exciting journey through the global AI landscape at our virtual event. We will explore the latest updates in the world of AI, highlight the most remarkable discoveries from this year’s SXSW conferences in Sydney and Austin, and share first-hand insights from the latest AI innovations in China. Let’s reimagine the boundless possibilities of AI together.


55 Min of Reinvention Session Teaser SXSW Conference and Festival 2022 Christiane Gillissen
55 Min of Reinvention Session Teaser ESG Changing Perspectives Detlef Guertler
55 Min of Reinvention Session Teaser Digital Korea Bosun Kim

Always one thought ahead

Always one thought ahead. This is what characterises the motivation of a true “Vordenker”. Together with forward-thinkers, business leaders, creators and doers from many different fields and industries, our global 1000VORDENKER network creates exciting exchanges, inspiring and valuable insights, knowledge transfers, ideation and experience moments. We believe that every relationship that we build must be based on the four principles of networking, inspiration, knowledge and ideation, meaning that we do not only value the sole connection of two people but also emphasize the collaboration and idea exchange among them.


We together create a worldwide network for personalities,
_who want to make a difference and demonstrably do so,
_who want to develop themselves further,
_who have a fresh and unconventional thinking,
_who feel interconnected with each other,
_who exchange ideas about further relevant topics,
and all this with the goal to inspire each other.

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Navigating the Global AI Landscape

Thursday, Nov 30 | 17:00 – 17:55 CET