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The master key to successful reinvention is radical customer focus.
Managed perception is reality – period.
There are many good ideas – only few great ones come to life.
Innovations are basically good – when done right.
Lifelong learning will increase the potential of your organisation – forever.

The time to reinvent is now

Reinvention is not just an opportunity, it is a necessity. And it does not just happen, it must be managed. And it can be managed. That’s why we invented the Reinvention Wheel with 5 connected dimensions. Successful companies develop and grow in all dimensions. As a Reinvention Consultancy, GEDANKENFABRIK guides brands, companies and their teams through transformation processes, and gets them into shape for the Reinvention paradigm.


The consumer as an unknown entity? Certainly not since big-data-mining was introduced… And yet brands and companies still underestimate another development of the past 20 years: that consumers themselves have been evolving into well-informed, autonomous and self-reliant Educated Decision-Makers. A consumer transformation. The key to any sustainable successful corporate transformation process is therefore a radical customer focus.Rethink The Customer


If you keep an eye on your customers’ changing needs and rising expectations, you will also continue to further develop your brand. From the brand benefits to the differentiator to the core of your brand – all should be systematically defined with the customer in mind. Successful brands and companies do not do this for fun; they do it because they understand that strategic brand-building is one of the cornerstones of successful company transformation.Rebuild Your Brand

Reimagine Creativity

Think and act big! While often heard, this advice is rarely implemented. The challenge lies in letting big ideas grow over time, fuelled by the energy of people, organisation and ecosystems. Reimagine creativity entails boldly combining creative thinking with actions. Generally speaking, it is the “Big Transformational Idea” that makes all the difference.Reimagine Creativity


If the word “innovation” raises your stress levels, just take a step back. True innovations do not necessarily happen in a flash or with a lot of fanfare. Data and insight-based innovations are solution-oriented and precisely tailored to customer expectations; leveraging technology trends and company requirements. New and established methods help to manage the process in an exciting way.Reshape Innovation


Lifelong Learning is the booster that enforces the reinvention principle. In fact, every sustainable success is down to this dimension. For each individual, for all teams – and for the company and eco-system partners – understanding the concept of perpetual learning generates growth-potential and gives freedom to embrace the beauty of change in a fast-paced environment.Relearn Forever

Are you ready to reinvent?

Get to know how you perform on the five reinvention dimensions. Learn if you have the right mindset, skillset and understanding of tools and frameworks to spearhead reinvention in your company.


We create and implement needs-based solutions for personal and company growth – always through a collaborative approach; always customer focused, and always in the context of the reinvention era opportunities.

building blocks


Get inspired by our reinvention building blocks in each dimension of the reinvention wheel and discover how answering the essential guiding questions leads you to sustainable business success.

You can choose either a specific module from our portfolio or combine modules in a holistic approach to achieve the perfect fit for your individual business needs.

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