Our Team


Our team of thinkers, doers and creators has wide-ranging experience and expertise and relies on a constant exchange of ideas to inspire each other with new ideas, to learn from each other and to then convey this know-how and spirit to our customers.

  • Karl Krainer

    Karl, Chief Thinker and founder of Gedankenfabrik, combines vast pre-digital experience at FMCG companies, such as P&G and Coca-Cola, with digital experience gained in leading positions at eBay, Google and several start-ups (Dealtime, Seatwave, radio.de). Karl is the author of “The Educated Decision-Maker”, a start-up mentor, and the founder of the “1000Vordenker” network and a thought-leader in reinvention. He regularly travels to China, Israel and the USA, to analyse innovations and consumer behavior that might have a great impact on the future of intelligent transformation.

  • David Fauck

    David’s DNA is digital. As a founding member and Digital Transformation Officer of Gedankenfabrik, he helps companies to actively shape their transformation journey and to generate sustainable growth. Employing 15+ years international expertise in the field of digital marketing and transformation, he navigates companies through the five dimensions of the Reinvention Principle. In doing so, he creates the crucial links between radical customer focus, strategic product development and digital innovation.

  • Prof. Dr. Ute Rademacher

    Ute is our Consumer Experience Officer, building connections between people and digital products and strategies. As a professor for business psychology, she holds 20 years of experience in qualitative-psychological marketing research, which she gained working for international institutes such as sinus, Research International and Ipsos. She is passionate about workshopping analytical customer insights with her clients, helping them to achieve a real impact on their customer understanding and daily business.

  • Jana Ahlers

    As a Marketing and Digital Transformation Consultant, Jana supports Gedankenfabrik in developing concepts and ideas with a fresh perspective. She has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing/Technical Business Administration and has supported Gedankenfabrik for over two years. She has accompanied both brand management and digital transformation projects. She is particularly interested in design and marketing communication while her expertise lies in the fields of digital advertising, conversational marketing, content marketing and social media.

  • Noel Scheuplein

    As a Product and Transformational Strategist, Noel applies his expertise in the strategic development of digital product innovations and business models. Over a period of more than five years, Noel has worked with companies and start-ups from various industries, including Hapag-Lloyd, Deutsche Bahn, AUDI, and #openspace. He supports companies in their transformation projects and OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) in the fields of product strategy and development, agile working and innovation methods (including Design Thinking, Business Model Design and Scrum).

  • Martin Schmoll

    Martin develops creative strategic solutions with people and machines. As our Chief Data and Transformation Strategist, he synergises analytical foresight with creative techniques to help people make better decisions, improve efficiency in operations, and to transform plain vanilla companies into data-driven smart businesses. Having gained experience in China, the Middle East and Europe, he draws on global inspiration to incorporate a vast array of approaches into his solutions.

  • Dr. Stephanie Frank

    A creative director and a scientist. A rather unlikely pairing. But as someone who learned to craft ideas in international creative agencies – plus earning a PhD in algorithms and epistemology – Stephanie proves that it’s possible indeed. As a Director of Big Ideas in the team since 2013, she understands REINVENTION as a principle that enables brands and companies to think and reinvent themselves even beyond pre-established models and limits.

  • Elena Nagel

    As a Digital Talent, Elena manages both the Reinvention Magazine and our social media channels. She expresses her ideas in a variety of reinvention articles and always has an eye on the latest trends, such as hybrid working tools and AI. She can also pursue her interest in web design and programming. As a Community Manager, she also supports 1000Vordenker events by planning and implementing the events and connecting with the thought-leaders.

  • Anton Zimmermann

    As a Master of Virtual Work, Anton has been a longstanding companion to Gedankenfabrik since 2014. During this time he has completed his bachelor’s degree in Communication, Culture and Management at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, and has lived in South Korea and London. He is shaped by a deep and holistic understanding of internet-related functional mechanisms, trends and working tools, and spends way too much time on music digging.

  • Nina Bernhardt

    Nina supports Gedankenfabrik and its projects as a Digital Talent with diverse, creative thoughts and ideas. Her interest in conversational marketing, digital media, video editing, analysis and journalism helps her greatly in this regard. Nina is currently studying Cultural Studies/Critical Theory and Analysis and Digital Media.

  • Detlef Gürtler

    Detlef is one of the CEOs of Gedankenfabrik. In his case, though, CEO is the abbreviation for Content Excellence Optimizer. Or Creative Editing Officer. Or however you call what a journalist does at a think tank. He is founding member of the 1000Vordenker, he is editor of the Reinvention Magazine, and he likes being CEO.