AI is already part of our daily lives but is often hard to detect and to experience. Therefore, we have invented our AI Playground where we show a range of web-based AI applications that you can easily try out yourself in a playful way.

Neuronales Netz

Quick draw

Check out your drawing skills – quick draw from google will surly compliment your artistic vein.

Deep Nostalgia

Is that how Alan Turing would have reacted if he’d seen the Deep Nostalgia? A Deep Learning application by MyHeritage.

AI Dungeon

Interested in a never-ending browser-game powered by an AI? Sounds like the perfect thing to do on a Saturday night, doesn’t it?

Recognize Handwriting

Use a simple neuronal network by Fraunhofer to detect your hand-written digits.

The twitter Brand bot

What will Netflix tweet about next? Check out Wunderman & Thompsons AI-powered brandbot to get a hint.

Teachable Machine

See how easy it is to train your own AI by using your camera.

Am I nicolas cage?

Answer the question you never knew you wanted to know: Am I Nicolas Cage?

Computer Vision

Analyze the content of your images with Microsoft’s Computer Vision and you might find out how old your computer thinks you are.

Text Generation

Write down a single sentence and see how the GPT-2 model by OpenAI predicts subsequent text from that input.

How bad is your Spotify?

Try out this project by The Pudding to analyze your Spotify – and let an AI tell you how bad your taste of music is.

Green-Screen what you want

Definitely the easiest way to cut something out of your video. Check out Runways browser-based, automized video tool.