AI is already part of our daily lives but is often hard to detect and to experience. Therefore, we have invented our AI Playground where we show a range of web-based AI applications that you can easily try out yourself in a playful way.

Neuronales Netz

Quick draw

Check out your drawing skills – quick draw from google will surly compliment your artistic vein.

Stealing ur Feelings

An interactive documentary on the dangers of emotion tracking analyzing your facial reactions in real-time.

Draw & write in Air

Playful web demo where you can draw and write using your hand and webcam – real-time prediction for intentions included.

Reimagine reading and writing with AI

Try out AI21 Labs’ new language model in your browser. Choose from an array of presets or come up with your own!

Your AI-based writing companion

You’re not quite sure about your written wording? Don’t worry, Wordtune has you covered and helps to find the right words.

Real-Time Animation

Track and animate your body movements in real-time with your camera to become a digital artist!

Agent Zendo

Identify & locate Waldo with the help of machine learning agent Zendo (or train Zendo yourself)!

Tackling historical mysteries with AI

Dive into 34,000 pages of file material regarding the JFK investigation with the help of Cognitive Search.

Spaces between Art and AI

Create & explore dreamlike images by combining photographs of all kind of objects from the Met Museum’s collection with AI.

Interactive TV

Interact with a villain straight from the book via voice to text input. Next step towards immersion…

The Moral Machine

Enter into the famous Trolly Dilemma and conflate your own morality with that of others.

Create your own AI-Avatar

Have you ever created an intelligent avatar? With Synthesia it’s fast and easy and combinable with other content, e.g. usable for LMS systems!

ML with Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder and Machine Learning is a deadly combination. Try it out yourself for the full (sound) experience.

Deep Nostalgia

Is that how Alan Turing would have reacted if he’d seen the Deep Nostalgia? A Deep Learning application by MyHeritage.

AI Dungeon

Interested in a never-ending browser-game powered by an AI? Sounds like the perfect thing to do on a Saturday night, doesn’t it?

Recognize Handwriting

Use a simple neuronal network by Fraunhofer to detect your hand-written digits.

The twitter Brand bot

What will Netflix tweet about next? Check out Wunderman & Thompsons AI-powered brandbot to get a hint.

Teachable Machine

See how easy it is to train your own AI by using your camera.

Am I nicolas cage?

Answer the question you never knew you wanted to know: Am I Nicolas Cage?

Computer Vision

Analyze the content of your images with Microsoft’s Computer Vision and you might find out how old your computer thinks you are.

Text Generation

Write down a single sentence and see how the GPT-2 model by DeepAI predicts subsequent text from that input.

How bad is your Spotify?

Try out this project by The Pudding to analyze your Spotify – and let an AI tell you how bad your taste of music is.

Green-Screen what you want

Definitely the easiest way to cut something out of your video. Check out Runways browser-based, automized video tool.